I have been writing for a number of years following an Open University Start Writing Fiction course. I thought it a good distraction as I attempted to give up smoking. It was: I became addicted to writing instead.

My attitude to life is healthy, if a little zany – and I try to find humour to replace commuter irritation on my travels. Many of my observations on life have appeared in national press letters pages - my thanks to the paper's artist, Phil Argent, for turning my words into humorous cartoons.

'Freddie Smith's Win' - A twist in the tale story, appeared in The Weekly News.

I have been published in several anthologies including 100 Stories for Queensland, Shambelurkling and The Shambelurklers Return.


My first novel - 'Insectipids' - an extra-terrestrial adventure for children and older readers was released in summer 2014 through Crooked Cat Publishing.


June Gundlack; Author Page Crooked Cat Publishing


During daylight hours I work in the City of London as a secretary and later, under the cover of darkness, I write fiction in my turret. For other times when my pen runs dry, my camera sees a little action.

Released by Cooked Cat Publishing on 22 July 2014



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